Reflecting on Mitgo’s 2023 Journey

Dec 27, 2023 5 min

As Mitgo anticipates the upcoming 2024 with new opportunities, challenges, and continued global expansion, we are reflecting on the successes and lessons learned in 2023.

A Transformational Year

The year marked a significant transformation for Mitgo, as we consolidated all our businesses under one umbrella, giving rise to Mitgo Group — a multinational holding company with a diverse portfolio spanning MarTech, AdTech, Audience Monetization, and Smart Shopping sectors. This strategic move positioned Mitgo as a global player with a unified vision.

Under the Mitgo Group wings, we proudly introduced new products, made strategic investments, and expanded our global footprint by opening offices in new countries. These initiatives strengthened our position as a technology-driven powerhouse.

Innovative Product Launches and Features

In 2023, Mitgo unveiled a series of groundbreaking products, including:

  • TakeAds: A privacy-first native advertising platform.
  • Fairsavings: A coupon-based platform delivering value to consumers and large content sites.
  • Mobmio: A revenue-driving platform for mobile apps with a focus on mobile-first publishers.
  • Mitgame: A partner network tailored for gaming services.

Additionally, Mitgo introduced game-changing features such as Mitgo ID, a unified login for all major Mitgo businesses, Mitgo Support Bot on Telegram, Brand Auditor – a new brand bidding monitoring tool by Mitgo.

Besides, Mitgo integrated Chat GPT with Admitad, ConvertSocial, and Takeads to enhance automated first-line support with a more human touch. 

Recently Admitad announced the release of the first in the market Cashback Link tool – a fresh alternative to standard affiliate links, aiming to increase customer retention and increase ROI for media buyers, coupon site owners, and traffic from social networks.

Investments and R&D Initiatives

Mitgo’s commitment to innovation and growth was evident in various investment initiatives and the launch of the Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) Mitgo Group. Key highlights include:

  • Investment in Practico, a mobile meditation app.
  • Second-round seed funding for the productivity app Manganum.
  • $1.2 million investment in the innovative cashback app, CheckRewards.

A new publisher investment service was launched to help publishers scale-up and grow. Publishers are eligible to receive investments amounting to between 50 000 and 500 000 US-Dollar.

Moreover, Mitgo established a dedicated Research and Development (R&D) division, tasked with finding innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate into Mitgo’s ecosystem and evolve into independent businesses over time.

Notable Events and Global Presence

Mitgo’s team made its mark at dozens of industry events globally, including:

  • OMR: A significant event where Mitgo businesses came together under one banner, generating over 500 leads and strengthening relationships with existing partners.
  • MarTech Summit 2023 in Jakarta: Admitad exhibited to strengthen connections in the APAC region.
  • Seamless Middle East: Mitgo’s presence at this event showcased our commitment to global partnerships.
  • GamesCom 2023: Mitgo gained valuable insights and knowledge from this renowned gaming industry event.

Strategic Appointments and Recognition

Mitgo witnessed a series of strategic leadership appointments, solidifying our commitment to excellence across various business domains. Artem Ozerkov‘s appointment as Vice President of Partnership Services marked a pivotal step in driving strategic alliances and business development for key Mitgo ventures. The leadership team was further strengthened with Aleksandr Kryvosheiev, a new CEO for Mobmio.

Notably, Anna Gidirim‘s appointment as CEO ushered in an exciting chapter for Admitad. The strategic elevation continued with Pawel Mazurek taking the helm as CEO of Takeads and Kseniia Liapkova assuming the role of CEO at ConvertSocial. These appointments underscore our dedication to fostering innovative leadership across diverse sectors within the Mitgo family.


Our team’s outstanding contributions were recognized with prestigious awards, including being listed among the Global Most Loved Workplaces® and receiving a Bronze Award at the EBMA ceremony in London.

Admitad, has been shortlisted for the Performance Marketing Award in the Partnership of the Year category. This recognition stems from the successful partnership with the British-founded financial app Revolut and the Best Integrated Campaign category with Nayomi in the MENA region. 

Besides, Anna Gidirim, the CEO of Admitad, was nominated for the Global Top 30 Performance Media Pioneers by GPMA. 

Further expansion

Mitgo expanded its global presence to Indonesia, Singapore and Mexico, strengthening its footprint in the APAC and LATAM regions. Notable successes in Europe, India and Middle East reflected the company’s commitment to exploring new markets and celebrating achievements in established ones.

Media Presence and Industry Recognition

Mitgo gained extensive media coverage with 500+ publications and coverage in top business magazines, showcasing our influence and thought leadership in the industry. Key publications by Mitgo’s CEO Alexander Bachmann, who is the member of Forbes Council, we’d like to highlight:

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A Year of Achievements and Innovation

As we turn the page to 2024, Mitgo celebrates a year marked by achievements, innovation, and resilience. Our commitment to fostering partnerships, driving innovation, and expanding our global impact remains unwavering.

“We are excited about the opportunities that 2024 brings. As we navigate through uncharted territories, our commitment to innovation, partnerships, and global impact remains unwavering. We invite our partners, clients, and the global Mitgo team to join us on this exciting journey as we continue to shape the future of technology-led partnerships.”

Alexander Bachmann, CEO of Mitgo

Mitgo looks forward to a year of groundbreaking achievements, strategic partnerships, and global impact. Soon we’ll announce new exciting launches by our R&D department. 

Here’s to a successful and transformative 2024!