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Jan 13, 2023 4 min

All Admitad entities are unified under the new parent company

Admitad, the leading Performance Marketing Platform, announces becoming part of a new parent holding company, Mitgo, backed by the founders of Admitad.

Through this move, Mitgo, as parent company, will take ownership of all solutions and services in the MarTech, FinTech, Smart Shopping and IT-driven Startup Incubation sectors. 

Admitad remains exclusively in charge of partner marketing solutions and services, and its respective tools, while other businesses in the Mitgo family will focus on native advertising (TakeAds), coupon and voucher advertising (FairSavings), influencer marketing (ConvertSocial), affiliate and referral tracking (Tapfiliate), their education and vocational training network (Univibes), as well as any other new directions and services. 

Mitgo commits to helping its partners make smarter decisions in their marketing and eCommerce efforts, fuelling the adoption of innovative ideas and preparing them to be launched and scaled-up within global markets. 

Additionally, Mitgo will function as a venture builder for startups and individual entrepreneurs, and as an investor network, seeking to support promising new IT projects. 

CEO of Admitad, Alexander Bachmann, is appointed CEO of Mitgo, Admitad Partner Network will be led by Anna Gidirim

Admitad’s history

Admitad’s journey began in 2004, when Maxim Volokhov lent Alexander Bachmann $27 to purchase web hosting for a single, high-traffic website with the aim of monetisation.

Just five years later, in 2009, Alexander Bachmann became one of the top 10 publishers in Germany. This led him to focus on the affiliate marketing industry. Admitad was registered in Germany, where its headquarters remain to this day in the city of Heilbronn. Since 2013, the company has actively expanded into several Eastern European markets, including Ukraine and Belarus. In 2015, their first venture into investments was made with Getuniq, followed by further investments into LetyShops (2016), Adgoal (2019) and Whitelabel (2020).  In 2018, Admitad launched its own R&D studio, under the name of Admitad Projects. 

The years 2021-2022 were characterised by further investment and development, with the acquisition of Tapfiliate, TakeAds, ConvertSocial, Univibes and various other products and services. 

Today, the company employs hundreds of people across 10+ offices, spanning the USA, Europe, Brasil, the UAE and India. All representative offices of the company will become Mitgo offices in the upcoming months. 

Over the years, the Admitad brand has become well known, having featured in many business and technology publications. The company’s founder and CEO, Alexander Bachmann, was featured in Forbes Magazine and recognised as one of the ‘Top 50 Game Changers’ by OMR

Entrepreneurship – and size – matters

After a long period of strong organic growth, combined with accelerated acquisitions, a company restructuring was due. 

Mitgo aims to simplify the current company structure, rendering its individual entities more versatile in an ever-changing global market. Admitad itself regains focus on its initial core direction – long term partnerships and performance marketing services. 

Furthermore, Mitgo is doubling-down on its belief that “employees are our super-power”. To this end, they’ll offer staff the opportunity to venture out and take full accountability on new, innovative projects. “We want to foster entrepreneurship from within our company” says Alexander Bachmann. “At a certain size, companies tend to become slow and overly-administrative. We are committed to driving innovation and enabling people to grow.”

I am fully committed to this new company structure and see it as the next big step in our development and strategic orientation. With Mitgo, we will be able to grow our business even more effectively and focus on what’s important – groundbreaking tech solutions that add value to businesses.
Alexander Bachmann

A new approach to mergers and acquisitions

Previously, all companies acquired by Admitad became integrated parts of the company’s overall structure. This approach ultimately led to a lack of independence within those companies, making it more difficult for them to retain their management teams and develop their individual brands.

Under the Mitgo umbrella, this complexity is lifted. Mitgo’s mission is to create, launch and scale new businesses through investment and acquisition. 

Mitgo – the name speaks for itself

CEO Alexander Bachmann explains the company’s new name: “We decided on Mitgo because it’s a combination of “mit” and “go”. “Mit” means “together” in German, “go” means “let’s go!” This new name embodies what we stand for: an engine for dynamic growth, together with and alongside our partners.”

Mitgo is a holding company. All of its brands have full access to the complete spectrum of growth options, experience, and financial power which its parent company can provide. 

We welcome you to be part of this journey!

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