Mitgo launches Univibes Partnership Network and brings partner marketing to the education sector

Feb 22, 2023 3 min

The global education industry is booming. Young people around the world are seeing further education as means of securing their futures in uncertain times, and many are looking for education opportunities abroad.

This is happening both offline, with budding students searching for international placements and scholarships in brick-and-mortar universities, and online, with university-ran e-learning courses.

We launched Univibes to make it easier for these individuals to seek out and enroll in high-quality international university courses.

A community of study-abroad advisors and mentors, Univibes helps connect its growing global audience of 350,000+ students with placements within international universities and scholarship programmes.

In 2022 alone, Univibes helped 1200+ students from around the world find placements in universities across Germany, the UK, USA, and UAE.

Univibes Partnership Network – using partners to promote e-learning

Online learning is a real growth market. The experts at Technavio predict that the e-learning industry will increase by USD 147.7 billion between 2021-2025. The reasons for this are diverse, but include its advantages in time management, flexibility and convenience, progresses in technology and, of course, the impact of the Corona pandemic. 

Naturally, more and more universities have begun to launch their own online courses, although many are struggling to reach the right prospective students to fill their classes.

In response to this, Univibes recently launched the Univibes Partnership Network.

Univibes Partnership Network is an e-learning partnership network that connects universities wanting to promote their online degree programmes with trusted publishers who can earn money by attracting as many students as possible to these programmes. 

Offering accredited online degree programmes in the high-demand disciplines of IT, Data Science, Business Management, Marketing and Blockchain Management, all of the universities we work with must be accredited by their local government or/and any authorised international institutions.

Our fast-growing network already includes such leading universities as NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), EU Business School, Munich Business School (Germany), University of Pavia and Luiss (Italy), Ajou University and Soongsil University (South Korea), and many others.  

Incentivising access to world-class education opportunities

Univibes works by providing publishers with unique referral links to online degree programmes, which they then advertise across platforms such as social media, blogs and content-driven websites. 

The service represents a win-win situation for all involved – the universities get to onboard more motivated students for their online degree programmes, publishers win by monetising their content and, of course, the students benefit from world-class education opportunities. 

Publisher types Univibes work with include educational influencers, world-renown bloggers, e-journalists and university catalogues. 

Become part of the Univibes Partnership Network

Advantages for publishers:

  • High reward. Publishers earn a commission of around 500 EUR per student that follows their referral links and enrolls in a paid course. High conversion rates can also lead to higher commissions
  • A broad target audience that includes high school students, university students and professionals
  • No seasonality – all-year-round demand for online degree programmes

Advantages for universities:

  • People trust Univibes. It has been a well-known expert in international education for 3+ years
  • Global reach. Universities can expand their reach, recruiting more international students from Eastern Europe, Central Asia, MENA and North America
  • Univibes collaborates with educational influencers all over the world
  • Full courses. Many more students enroll in their online courses

Univibes continues to focus on growing its network by recruiting publishers interested in monetising their content, as well as top-level universities looking to gain access to a pool of international students, eager to learn. 

If you’d like to join the Univibes network, read our case studies and success stories, or simply have a question for us, please reach out to us and send an email to