The ConvertSocial extension – helping content creators to monetize their traffic quicker & easier than ever

Mar 9, 2023 3 min

This February, ConvertSocial officially launched its own browser extension.

This new extension builds upon the success of the Admitad Partner Network browser extension – which already services a growing, active audience of 20,000+ publishers. 

A simple yet powerful tool, the ConvertSocial extension helps content creators and influencers to monetize their social media accounts even more quickly and easily than before.  

Streamlining the process of creating advertising links, content creators can now simply browse the websites of the more than 100,000 stores and brands ConvertSocial works with in search of the products or services they would like to advertise to their audiences. Once they’ve chosen a product or service, referral links can be instantly generated with one single click of the ConvertSocial extension sign. 

The referral links generated by the extension come ready to be published across a creator’s platforms and can contain tracking tags for performance monitoring and insight gathering. All created links sync back to the ConvertSocial app and are stored in the Link History database. 

Time-saving, the extension enables content creators of all sizes and experience levels to focus on what’s important – the production of high-quality, revenue-earning content.

Our focus is to work with content creators of all sizes and pay special attention to micro- and nano-influencers, offering them easy-to-use and manage monetizing tools. With the launch of the ConvertSocial extension, we provide access to a powerful monetization tool that can help them to maximize their earning potential.
Ksana Liapkova
Head of ConvertSocial

How to use the ConvertSocial extension

  1. Install the ConvertSocial extension to your browser  
  2. Browse the 100,000+ stores and brands available for monetization on
  3. On the page of the product you would like to advertise, click the extension button to instantly create a referral link
  4. Share the referral link with your audience via social media, blogs, YouTube, messenger channels or any other platforms you use
  5. Receive rewards for every order made

What is ConvertSocial?

ConvertSocial is a leading monetization platform that provides a range of benefits to micro- and nano-influencers, publishers, and brands.

ConvertSocial provides a range of benefits to influencers and brands looking to monetize their social media activity. With advanced analytics, customised campaigns and a large influencer marketplace, ConvertSocial helps influencers and brands to build their online presence and achieve their monetization goals.
Ksana Lapkova
Head of ConvertSocial

Key benefits of ConvertSocial:

Easy Monetization: ConvertSocial offers an easy and streamlined process for monetizing social media activity, allowing influencers to earn revenue from their content without sacrificing the quality of their posts. Influencers can create custom campaigns, get paid for clicks, and track their earnings in real-time.

Advanced Analytics: The platform provides advanced tracking and analytics tools to help influencers and brands better understand their audience and optimise their campaigns. The analytics dashboard offers real-time data on clicks, impressions and earnings, which can help influencers make informed decisions about their content strategy.

Customised Campaigns: ConvertSocial offers customised campaigns that match influencers to relevant brands and products. The platform offers a variety of campaign options, such as sponsored posts, product reviews and giveaways, allowing influencers to choose the campaigns that best align with their brand.

Influencer Marketplace: ConvertSocial has a large and diverse influencer marketplace, allowing brands to connect and collaborate with influencers in their niche. Brands can browse through the marketplace and select influencers based on their audience, engagement rate and other metrics.

Improved Brand Awareness: ConvertSocial helps brands increase their reach and visibility by leveraging the power of social media influencers. By working with influencers who have a loyal and engaged following, brands can increase their brand awareness and drive more traffic to their website or online store.

Check out reviews and success stories on how content creators have used ConvertSocial to boost their revenues and stay tuned for more news and updates coming your way soon.