A one-day withdrawal boost with Instant Payout Pro

Jan 3, 2023 4 min

The new AI-based improved version of Instant Payout is a significant step towards financial benefits for publishers of all sizes

Instant Payout Pro is a new version of the Instant Payout service, which has been launched previously to test several options for rewards depending on users’ engagement and traffic.

In the Pro version, Admitad partner network, which is part of Mitgo, now enables publishers to transfer funds immediately from the “On hold” status to the “Ready for withdrawal” status. The transaction occurs within a few minutes – and the publisher receives money even before the advertiser confirms and processes the actions.

Previously, after a publisher has completed the target action on an affiliate link, the preliminary reward amount for the action appears in the “Balance Details” block in the “On hold” status. 

To move to the next step – fund ready to be withdrawn – the publisher waited days and in some rare cases months for verification from the advertiser which he had no control over. Not only time was lost but also valuable cashflow resources that are essential to operate for every one of our publishing partners. 

Admitad has long been aware of such an issue. Before launching the new version, the Admitad team conducted a survey among over 1000 partners to find out how many would be interested in such a tool making withdrawal fast and easy, without having to undergo several verification steps from advertisers. The result?  About 15% of respondents were ready to immediately use the service.

Our customers asked, and we delivered. 

Calculating the approval value is key

AI calculates what part of the amount the advertiser will very likely (definitely) approve to make sure the publisher will be able to withdraw it. There are a few criteria going into the calculation metrics, with the amount and intensiveness of traffic being one of them. AI analyzes several hundred factors, which include, for example, the history of approval statistics of a particular publisher, the standard share of an advertiser’s approval, their total turnover, important characteristics of actions within each specific order, and many other factors. 

The algorithm is self-learning – AI has been analyzing fresh data for more than six months and learning to determine the amount ready for withdrawal as accurately as possible.

At the moment, the accuracy of this analysis is up to 95% and continues to improve. The algorithm works in a conservative mode and, as a rule, gives access to the immediate withdrawal of the amount in which the service is guaranteed to be sure. 

Who qualifies?

The tool remains available to several hundred partners who have agreed to participate in the Instant Payout Pro closed test which we announced a few months ago. But if you are an active publisher with a fair amount of good traffic, worry not! Instant Payout Pro will become available to a wider audience as soon as in the first quarter of 2023. Publishers who will have access to the tool will receive a notification about this via the mailing list and will see it in their main dashboard:

IMPORTANT to note that the account was previously included in the test group, the publisher has funds in the “on hold” status available for transfer through the service, and, lastly – Admitad has enough historical data on transfers and interactions in the account, which the system needs for forecasting.

Is there a price tag attached to it?

Admitad takes commission which is calculated dynamically depending on the quality of the publisher’s traffic. For a test group of users, it will be at a minimum. 

Procedure as always for those who can wait

The previous version of the tool, which allows any publisher to transfer funds from approved to “Ready for withdrawal”, without waiting for the funds to be credited from the advertiser, but receiving them directly from Admitad, will continue to work in the same way as Express Payments. 

There is a backup for anyone: all funds exceeding the calculated amount will be available for withdrawal in the standard mode – after the funds are transferred by the advertiser.

Instant Payout Pro complements the standard mechanics of Instant Payout and gives Admitad publishers more flexibility in their financial management. 

Helping tool for publishers of all sizes to increase ROI

Instant Payout Pro will be especially beneficial for those publishers who work with offers with a long approval period and those advertisers who tend to delay verifications and payments. 

For such categories of affiliate programs, the waiting period for a payout for a webmaster in exceptional cases reaches more than 120 days. For partners in a situation like this, a fast turnover and the ROI they receive from it will enable them to block commissions repeatedly.

What is next? Contacts and FAQs

We have put together a detailed Q&As extended section here. for all your queries, please visit and read through if you require any additional information.

Admitad continues developing fast payment services for cashback- and loyalty sites and partners. If you are interested in becoming part of our pilot projects, please contact support@admitad.com and make sure you have the subject line “Instant Payout Pro” in your email before sending, 

Stay tuned for more news and updates coming your way soon! 

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