5 Ways To Craft Corporate Culture In Scaling Companies

Jan 15, 2024 2 min

The journey of scaling a startup into a global corporation undoubtedly comes with its set of challenges. Mitgo Group’s CEO, Alexander Bachmann, shares invaluable insights in his recent Forbes article, “5 Ways To Craft Corporate Culture In Scaling Companies.”

Having successfully navigated the transition from a small office to a global powerhouse without compromising the essence of the work culture, Bachmann provides actionable takeaways tailored for Mitgo Group and entrepreneurs facing similar challenges.

Adapt To Evolving Team Dynamics

Mitgo Group’s growth from one office in one country to 11 offices in 11 countries required a profound adaptation to evolving team dynamics. In the article Alexander shared how to improve communication channels, embrace new faces, and navigate geographical boundaries while maintaining a vibrant company culture.

Shift From Personal, Like/Dislike-Based Hiring To A More Structured Approach

We went through the journey from personal-based hiring to a structured and professional approach. Our HR department ensures a comprehensive recruitment process that aligns individual values with our company mission, fostering a cohesive and productive culture.

Refine The Company’s Mission And Values

At Mitgo Group, we understand that a company’s mission and values should be living entities. Join us as we delve into the continuous process of refining and redefining our mission and values to adapt to our evolving workforce and ever-shifting goals.

Use Company Values As Cultural Cornerstones

Mitgo Group views company values as more than just words on a wall; they are the foundation of our organization. Bachmann shared how our values serve as the common language among our team, fostering unity and purpose as we grow globally.

Balance Hierarchy With Collaborative, Horizontal Relationships

Striking the right balance between hierarchy and collaboration is an ongoing journey for Mitgo Group. Explore the delicate art of maintaining a flat and agile organization while ensuring effective leadership to navigate the dynamic business landscape.

Mitgo Group’s recognition as one of the most loved workplaces in 2023 is a testament to our commitment to creating a distinctive, positive, and rewarding corporate culture. Join us on this journey of adaptability, foresight, and a deep understanding of our purpose as we position Mitgo Group for sustained growth in the years to come.